Pictures Of Fridges

pictures of fridges

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guess who's coming to breakfast

guess who's coming to breakfast

i've been happily trapped in a compulsively whirling dervish of spring cleaning this weekend, and this morning was no different. at 7:30 i found myself organizing picture frames in the office, throwing out junk i'd been saving for the day i'd eventually deem it... well, junk. sweaty and still in my jammies, i heard a car pull up in front of the house. i looked, and sure enough, there was my father, ambling up the sidewalk, checking out the new beetle.

he does this sometimes -- he'll go for a drive, just to get out of the house, and end up here unannounced. it never bothers me; i'm always grateful for evidence that he thinks of me. and yet today, his timing was truly bizarre.

or maybe not.

see, i'd been avoiding him for the last couple of months, needing to retract into myself and process some new, painful information about the past. i was too angry to confront him, to raw to know what to say (let alone how to say it). but the anger's been ebbing these last few weeks, like a storm that's blowing out to sea. and i've been missing him. i'd decided to invite him over next sunday, and let him know what was going on.

and there he was.

so i made us some coffee, took him out to the porch, and told him how painful it was to hear that he'd abandoned me when i was 12 (which i didn't know he'd done, until he himself told me a few months ago). i told him how angry it made me, how much it hurt. he looked at me with very sad eyes and said, "as well it should have." he admitted that he didn't know what he was doing back in the 80s, lost in a hazy world of drugs and alcohol and a bad, bad marriage to a woman i wish i'd never met. he admitted i'd witnessed things i never should have seen, dealt with things no kid should have to face. and he said he was sorry.

so i took his hand and told him i loved him, still.

fridge decor...

fridge decor...

I thought this colorful display of fridge magnets would make an interesting mosaic...

you can never have too many... ;-)

Buenos Aires

pictures of fridges

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